Super Saturday: A View from Both Sides of the Table


Early last year, in the midst of my business school application process, I was invited to attend Haas’s Super Saturday, an on-campus, Admissions-led event consisting of lunch, student life and career panels, a campus tour and, most importantly, my Haas interview. Thanks to my stubborn unwillingness to take anything but public transportation and a total unfamiliarity with the Berkeley bus system, I remember arriving at Haas sweaty, semi-lost, and out-of-breath after hauling it through the greater Berkeley campus on an impossibly gorgeous February day. Way to make a good impression, right?

Thankfully, I ran into a current student at Haas who pointed me in the right direction and wished me luck. From that moment on, my day was smooth sailing as Super Saturday and Haas completely exceeded my expectations – everything was neatly planned out, I met current students, I bonded with my fellow prospective students (some of whom are now good friends and fellow classmates) and, despite being nervous as heck, I had a lovely interview with a friendly Haas alum.

I was amazed by Haas’s welcoming community and thoroughly impressed by everyone I interacted with. As I watched the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge while walking back to the BART station at the end of the day (yes, you can see all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day!), I thought to myself, “I could definitely be happy here.”

A year later and a few weeks into my second semester at Haas, I had the opportunity to participate in Super Saturday again, but from a distinctly less-stressful perspective. On February 4th, which naturally was another beautiful Berkeley day, the Admissions team, the Haas Student Ambassadors and I, as VP Admissions for the MBAA, greeted almost 100 prospective students from all over the U.S., taking them to their interviews, a student life panel and a career panel.

This year, instead of the campus tour that I took last year, the interviewees worked on a team-building exercise led by a group of second-years, getting a little taste of group work at Haas. The Admissions office once again organized an amazing Super Saturday and I met some diverse and impressive candidates whom I can see fitting in perfectly with Haas’s distinct culture.

At the end of the day, despite an exhausting afternoon, a few brave prospectives walked with me over to the Bear’s Lair to experience a Haas tradition in all its early-Saturday evening glory. As I led them down Bancroft, my experience pretty much came full circle and I can say with total certainty that I truly am happy at Haas – I think that every day that I’m here.

To all the candidates I met this year at Super Saturday: I hope that you found your visit to Berkeley as memorable as it was for me a year ago. And to all the newly admitted students regardless of whether or not you were at Super Saturday: looking forward to showing you a great time at Days at Haas and hope to see you on campus in the fall!

- Gloria Chu, MBA 2013

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