Chinese New Year


Where do you get the opportunity to rock out with nunchucks (Bruce Lee style) in front of an audience of more than a hundred people? Only in the Chinese New Year Consumption Function at Haas.

Along with seven of my fellow classmates, I performed a kung fu demonstration at the Haas consumption function in celebration of the Chinese New Year. With 14-years of martial arts training, I volunteered to organize and choreograph the kung fu performance to showcase Chinese culture.

I am thankful for my seven brave classmates (Kenny, Moti, Jane, Daniel, Sherry, Joe, and Bundit) who signed up to perform with me despite none of them having any kung fu experience.

Over three practice sessions, I taught them basic kicks, a kung fu form, and some self-defense techniques. For the finale, I performed a nunchuck routine to roaring applause. We received extremely positive feedback. Most importantly, everyone who performed had a blast!

And what about the rest of the consumption function? That was a fun as well with a lion dance celebration (see video below) and guzheng performance (ancient Chinese musical instrument). We also had tons of FREE, delicious, Chinese food, and I even got to take home a tray. Yum!

- Chao Zhang



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