MBA Student Project: UberEssays


Through the first four months of my degree, I was on the shuttle throwing ideas with two of my classmates. We spoke about opportunities in the music industry, travel and finally the very problems that we encountered as MBA applicants.

I am sure a lot of you went through similar feelings and frustrations when you were applying – what is the school looking for in my essays, what examples from my life make most sense, am I organizing my essay in a way that has the highest impact and so on. So, we thought to ourselves, who is the most qualified and accessible person that can help solve this problem for the applicants?

How about the current students who have just a year ago been through the same process and came out successfully? These students are the people who currently attend the school and can give you the most up-to-date information of the ins-and-outs of your target school(s). They may just provide applicants that extra insight or inspiration they need for the essays so that they can stand out from tables of numbers.

The project my classmates and I have launched to connect current students and applicants is

There are currently over 70+ reviewers from many of the top MBA schools in the nation. We have received tremendous response from Haas and the business school community. Our second phase of the project is to reach out to applicants, and we firmly believe that the Haas network and eco-system can make this happen!

Come check us out!

- Pawan Nrisimha

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