Meet the Admissions Team


Congratulations to everyone who submitted their Round 2 application last week - the hardest part is over! Now that your work is done, ours begins. We know the wait can be difficult, so we wanted to shed some light on what happens after you hit "submit". First meet the Full-time MBA Haas Admissions Team. These are the faces of the 16 people who will be reviewing your application over the next couple months.

Our team includes several Admissions Officers, many of whom you’ve likely met at an information session or fair. We are the ones primarily responsible for evaluating your application and crafting the incoming classes. The heroes behind-the-scenes are our Operations professionals. If you’ve ever called or emailed in a question, they are the ones responding to your request. They also manage everything from our application processing and website to interview coordination and advising appointments. Finally, we have our stellar Financial Aid Office, with expertise in student loans and scholarships. Although they primarily interact with admitted and current students, they are also available to applicants throughout the process.

And now, back to reading of them could be yours!

- Morgan

About The Author

Morgan is the Executive Director of Full-time MBA Admissions at Haas as well as a graduate of the program. She enjoys making personal connections with prospective students and guiding them through the MBA admission process.