Round 1 Interviews Have Begun


We recently began extending interview invitations for Round 1 applicants and thought this would be an opportune time to share some interviewing tips.

  1. Be prepared. This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised by how many candidates put hours of effort into their written applications and then don’t invest the necessary time in preparing for their interviews. Practice talking through your responses with a friend or colleague. Of course you don’t want to sound rehearsed, but you should know your story and be ready share details about your accomplishments, your career goals, and your motivation for pursuing an MBA at Berkeley-Haas. Being prepared also means having thoughtful questions ready to ask your interviewer. The admissions interview is an opportunity for you to learn more about the Berkeley MBA Program, so take advantage of it!
  1. Treat the admissions interview as you would a professional interview. Dress to impress (a suit is always appropriate) and arrive on time. Don’t give your interviewer any reason to question your professionalism.
  1. Answer the question. If you’ve been invited to interview, you can probably boast a long list of achievements and awards. However, let the interviewer guide the conversation and don’t try to force-fit responses that don’t actually answer the questions. When answering a question, think before you speak; don’t be afraid to pause, reflect, and collect your thoughts for a brief moment before responding.
  1. Relax and be yourself. Though we understand that interviewing can sometimes be nerve-wracking, remember that the admissions interview isn’t meant to be a stress test and your interviewer won’t be asking trick questions. We’re simply trying to get to learn more about you and assess your potential fit with our program and community!

As a final note, if you are a Round 1 applicant and have not yet received an interview invitation, remember that we may continue to extend interview invitations up through our notification deadline of January 12. We appreciate your patience with us as we complete thorough evaluations of your applications. Good luck!

- Corinne

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