Update to Incident at Berkeley-Haas


We are sad to inform you that there was a tragedy at the Haas School on Tuesday which involved the shooting by University Police of a student carrying a gun. Nobody else at Berkeley-Haas was hurt.

In our business school’s 113-year history, we have never experienced an event like this, nor do we expect another occurrence — all evidence points to this being an isolated incident. Still, we are taking every precaution to make certain our students, staff, and faculty are as safe as possible. Safety is of paramount importance to our community and an essential precondition for what we are all doing here together at Berkeley-Haas.

We are grateful for the vigilance of our staff members and police officers who responded so quickly to keep others in our community safe. As is typical at Berkeley-Haas, our community is pulling together to support one another during this trying time.

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Thanks to everyone for the words of support!

- Stephanie

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