Student Leadership at Berkeley-Haas


It’s an exciting time of year at Berkeley-Haas! This week first-year students campaigned for positions on our student government - the MBAA Association with riveting speeches about the many reasons why they fell in love with the Berkeley-Haas community,

why they want to be considered for such a leadership role, and innovative ideas to contribute to the future of Berkeley-Haas. The MBAA is the body of elected student leaders who advocate student interests to a broad range of stakeholders including faculty, administration, alumni, and the Berkeley community at large. There are 12 positions ranging from MBAA President to VP-Academics to VP-Career. MBAA officers have the opportunity to serve and support the efforts of their classmates. One of the VP of Alumni candidates described his early exposure to the strength of the Berkeley-Haas alumni network as a new admit. He attended events in Taipei, LA, Seattle, and the Bay Area. This had such a positive impact on him that he wants to be sure that everyone in the community takes advantage of this incredible network. A candidate for VP of Diversity suggested we include a diversity element into our Orientation Week activities, while a candidate for VP of Community focused his platform on his passion for volunteering to encourage and empower other students to volunteer more – highlighting his fellow students strong involvement each year with C4C (Challenge for Charity). MBAA officers impact can be even more significant as they have a stake in setting the future direction of the Berkeley MBA experience for years to come. Now all we have to do is wait and see who will emerge as the new student leadership for 2012!

- Cindy

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