The Beginning Of My Journey At Haas


Hi everyone, this is my first post on the Berkeley MBA students blog and I am so excited!

Welcome to Haas! I was reading these students' posts one year ago when I planned to apply for Haas and at that time I was really attracted by the exciting life at Haas. So here I am, after one year's preparation, from taking GMAT, attending schools' info sessions, writing application essays, taking interviews and finally booking my tickets to SFO, a fresh first year MBA student arrived at Haas! I hope my post will help you in your application and understanding more about B-school life, especially for international students.

It has been over one month since I arrived at Berkeley. If there is anyone asks me, how do you like Berkeley? My answer is always: it is fantastic! Berkeley has unbeatable weather, unbelievably diversified restaurants, and extremely nice people!

So how about Haas? Even though I have only been to Haas for one month, I feel the spirit has already built into my blood. I am deeply impressed by the people surrounding me here.

- 2nd year students are awesome! Even though I heard that many activities at Haas are run by students, however, the extent of how broad and how deep our students are operating and running different organizations is really amazed me. O-week, which is the acronym for "Orientation Week," is mainly run by three 2nd year students, Kawai, Moritz and Mark! I can't help telling others how amazing they are! For the entire orientation, all the activities, from our famous Cohort Olympics, to innovative speaker series, from taking us to contribute to community services to feed us with delicious food, is all their credit! It is just so unbelievable that three of them need to take care of 240 of us. Thanks again guys!

- My classmates are also amazing! Comparing to other top business schools, our class size of 240 students is one of the smallest. However, among 240 of us, you could find people from all kinds of different background, from working at Obama campus, to Coastal Guard, from Olympic Athlete to Riding bicycles cross US, let along say other backgrounds, such as consulting, banking, technology, marketing, etc. Of course, Haas is most famous for its entrepreneurial spirit. So many of my classmates want to start their own companies or they have already done so. I even took a survey asking that what ranking among my classmates I would guess for myself regarding to the number of companies I will found in my life. Amazing?! Isn't it! This year, we have students from 39 countries. International students count for 40% of our total class. So as an international student, you can really feel it is your home here.

This is the beginning of my journey and I look forward to posting more soon!

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