Beers + First Years


It's hard to believe that it's been more than a year since I arrived in Berkeley, and harder still to get used to referring to myself and my classmates as second years. But I had to get used to it quickly last night when the Beer Industry Club hosted about 70 first years at a great local brew pub, Triple Rock, to welcome them to Haas and help them recover from their first week of Math Camp. When planning this event with my fellow co-presidents, we had anticipated having about 20 people, so we were pleasantly overwhelmed when, within half an hour, the roof deck was standing room only. We shouldn't have been surprised...any time you offer free anything to b-school students, you're guaranteed to get half the student body, so it's good to see that our new crop of first years aren't any different! I had a great time reconnecting with some first years I met last spring at Days at Haas and meeting a lot of new people. It'll be great to be on campus again in just a few weeks.

I forgot to bring my camera along to last night's event, so here's a picture from one of my favorite Beer Club events last year, our North Bay brewery tour (at the iconic Russian River Brewery in Santa Rosa). And yes, another brewery tour is in the works for this year!

Russian River Brewery

—Eve A.

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