The Halfway Point


I’ve heard many of my classmates mourn the fact that our first year at Haas is effectively over. Indeed, it is a little sad that the last nine months have passed in what seemed like the blink of an eye. That’s what happens when you are busy having a wonderful time with great people and learning new things. Many of the blog posts here have been dedicated to just how good of a time we've had these past nine months. However, I'm trying to look forward to new opportunities rather than dwell on the glory of the past. And I have to say, things are looking pretty good.

Last week I started my summer internship as a product manager at Zynga, one of the hottest companies in the Bay Area right now and the makers of many hit Facebook games. This is exactly the kind of opportunity I wanted when I applied to Haas and it will be a crucial stepping stone in my transition from consulting to technology. Although I've only been on the ground for three days, I've already learned a tremendous amount and can tell that its going to be a phenomenal summer. I've heard my classmates make similar comments and everyone is very exciting for this summer. They should be, because they're doing amazing things! My classmates are doing everything from business development at Facebook and to leading projects for Deloitte and McKinsey to working on deals at private equity companies and venture capital firms.

After we finish up our internships this summer, we're going to walk away much wiser and with a new vision of the future. Sure, we'll be closer to graduation and a return to the careers we've left behind, but we'll still have two semesters left. That's a lot of time to take interesting classes, spend time with my friends at Haas, and enjoy the good life. Things could be worse, but they couldn't be much better.


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