Dispelling Myths About Interview Invitations


Our office is busy preparing for our "Super Saturday" admissions interview day this weekend so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you some myths about our general interviewing process.

MYTH #1: Super Saturday interviews hold more weight than other interviews
FALSE - Candidates invited to Super Saturday are round 2 applicants who typically reside in the US, but outside the Bay Area. This gives them an opportunity to travel to campus for an interview during a weekend. Though we wish we could extend this opportunity to all of our candidates invited to interview, rest assured that a Super Saturday interview holds equal weight to an interview conducted with an alumnus in your local area or with a student on campus.

MYTH #2: All interview invitations for round 2 applicants have already been extended
FALSE - Our interview invitations are extended on a rolling basis all the way up to the notification deadline. So, for round 2 applicants who haven't heard from us yet, don't fret! We put a great deal of time and effort into reading your applications so interview invitations will continue to go out through the month of February. We appreciate your patience with us through this process!

MYTH #3: Receiving an interview invitations means I'm guaranteed an offer of admission
FALSE - To shed light on the number of interviews we conduct (and to perhaps quash the wild speculation running rampant on some other blogs), we have historically invited 20-30% of our applicant pool to interview. From there, we typically offer admission to 40-60% of candidates who have been interviewed. Receiving an offer of admission is a competitive process, but being invited to interview should certainly be viewed as an indication of the strength of your candidacy!

For more information, our Director of Admissions, Stephanie Fujii, offers some tips for successful interviewing. Best of luck!


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