Getting Energized for a Brighter BERC in 2011!

This post was guest-authored by Gustavo Ribeiro and Mateo Bueno, both Haas MBA 2012 candidates and the VPs of Marketing for the Berkeley Energy Resources Collaborative (BERC). They can be reached at and

It’s hard to come to Haas and not want to roll up your sleeves and get involved in one of the dozens of student-led clubs and events that take place throughout the year. Immediately after starting our first semester here, we all begin to feel a sense of gratitude for the work that previous generations of MBAs put in to maximize the value of our MBA experience, and we really want to find a way to do the same for future students. In all honesty, we also want to take advantage of this opportunity and get involved with something that we are each passionate about and might open up a few career opportunities in the future.

For the two of us, the Berkeley and Energy Resources Collaborative (BERC) was a clear way to get involved and give back.

For those who don’t know much about BERC, here is the brief overview. It was founded in 2005 by Haas MBA students as a multidisciplinary organization that connects all aspects of energy and resources at UC Berkeley. Over the past six years, it has grown to have over 2,500 members across the Berkeley campus, and its now one of the largest student-run energy/environmental organizations in the US.

As energy challenges become increasingly more complex, we have seen the need for more interdisciplinary solutions that bring in perspectives from different fields: engineering, business, environmental sciences, policy, law, etc. By bringing in ten different graduate programs, the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the undergraduate community at UC Berkeley, BERC has become a critical resource to build and shape the most innovative solutions to one of our toughest global challenges.

In the past few years, BERC has managed to fulfill this mission in very specific ways. In addition to a few dozen events throughout the year, BERC offers practical opportunities for graduate students to collaborate with real business solutions. Read about our flagship programs such as Cleantech2Market and BERC Innovative Solutions here.

While BERC’s achievements in six years are astounding, we have also identified a number of ways that the organization could expand its reach and broaden its impact within and outside of the UC Berkeley community.

As two Haas students passionate about the ways that smarter marketing strategies can help accelerate the roll-out of clean energy solutions, we saw BERC as a clear opportunity to put our marketing skills to the test. Some of our marketing goals for the year include:



  1. Increase BERC’s membership across the graduate and undergraduate community by broadening BERC’s reach, increasing collaboration across programs, and providing various opportunities for involvement and professional development
  2. Strengthen BERC’s online presence through revamped website, newsletter, blog, and social networks
  3. Increase sponsorship opportunities and value leveraging BERC assets and year-round events

We plan to use this blog and a future BERC blog to keep you posted on the progress (and mistakes!) we make throughout the year. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about our programs, receive our newsletters, or provide input on future programs, you can reach us through the BERC website or emailing us directly.

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