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This post is guest-authored by Caroline Mock, FTMBA 2012, the president of the Women In Leadership club at Haas. If you're interested in or have any questions about WIL at Haas, please contact Caroline at caroline_mock@mba.berkeley.edu.

One of my favorite aspects of Haas so far has been the Women in Leadership (WIL) activities, and I couldn’t be more excited to serve as the president of WIL this coming year. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by such driven and accomplished women, ranging from a former helicopter pilot who is starting her own cookie business to a social entrepreneur in Africa. Through panels and lunches, retreats and dinners, we are able to leverage our strengths, share resources and experiences and continue to expand our presence. We have such a short time here at Haas, and I plan to make it as meaningful as possible for us. The previous leadership teams have done a great job at establishing a strong WIL presence at Haas, and I hope to make it even stronger. The following initiatives are a few ideas that I have to lead WIL through another amazing year.

-Expand Professional Development: We heard it on the WIL retreat and we see it every day, WE are one of our greatest networks/resources. What we could do even better is developing stronger ties with the alumni aspect of our female network and expanding women-focused career programming.

-Partner with other clubs and hold events that include other members of the Haas community: We’ve shown each other that women are great leaders and have great events, but our club already knew that. If we want to establish ourselves as Women in Leadership at Haas, we need to lead others. I plan to spread our strengths through events with other clubs.

-Expand Community Outreach: While we are lucky to be women in business, many women aren’t so lucky. I would love to develop stronger relationship with women’s organizations in the area -- allow our club to give back to a community that is facilitating our personal/professional growth. For example, I serve as a board fellow with Girls Inc, and I think this would be a great organization for WIL involvement.

-Social and Sports funds: The current WIL board did a great job of getting these established, now it’s time to make them more accessible and raise awareness of their availability, which can be for events ranging from a BBQ to a marathon. This incentive (while hardly needed to get us together) demonstrates a commitment from our club to personal development, which is a major component of business school growth.

En route to Napa during the WIL retreat in September.

—Eve A.

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