"Dynomite" ending to Fall B

I expected to become a lot of things as a result of coming to b-school—a better leader, a stronger communicator, a more adept quant jock. I did not, however, expect to become a band groupie. But I think most of my classmates are finding themselves in the same boat as me…More than 100 of us turned out last Monday—the last day of finals—to cheer on and rock out to Jean Claude Van Band, our very own Haas cover band, consisting of six incredibly talented first years: Eileen, Steve, Mark, Dan, Brad and Moritz.

From Lady Gaga to Bruce Springstein to our class’s anthem “Dynomite”, JCVB was the perfect way to end our challenging, frenetic, and rewarding semester. The band has played a few gigs at this point, and I am blown away by how talented they are. It doesn’t hurt that a few of them are in bands that actually perform around the country (one had a show in NYC last weekend), but I think they’re a great example of the kinds of people that come to Haas. Sure, the people here are intelligent and motivated. I’m reminded of that in class and clubs every day. But that’s to be expected. What has really surprised me is the breadth and depth of interests and talents my classmates possess outside of school. Some dance, others paint, some brew beer, and others run marathons, climb mountains, play field hockey. And my classmates don’t just do these things—they do them WELL. Being around such an exceptional group of people is inspiring and humbling…and really fun!


Thanks for a really great show, JCVB! Can't wait for the next one!

(Thanks to Ramon, Alex and Steve's friend Ben for the photos.)



—Eve A.

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