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I've been in this wierd sort of place for some time now. I'm not sure if i can explain it though, but let me try, nevertheless... y'know, its that feeling that you should be doing something right about you, you start to do it, and procrastination kicks in, and then before you know it, Boom! somebody else has gone ahead and done it! That's pretty much what's been happening with me, and in the interest of you readers, we try not to repeat topics on this blog. Long story short, been a long break, and as Berkeley rushes into a weekend of stuffed turkey et al (basically amazing food), i figured it would probably be a good time to give you the quick run through on what's been happening for the past few weeks.
But first, for the international prospectives reading this post, this weekend is Thanksgiving. (I'm sorry if it sounds patronising, but I actually was one of those people who didn't know when thanksgiving was until i got here; i'm sure there are a few folks like me who appreciate the heads-up!)
So, what's been happening here? You've all heard about some of the wonderful achievements for Haas these past few weeks; from football (soccer) to the Elite 8, to the stock pitch competition, (and others, i'm sure!!) and the small downer of having lost to Stanford in college football last week (although in all fairness we did win the battle of the bands hands down, so there!)... We also had an amazing consumption function to celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights, celebrated with great pomp all over India. In true Haas culture, we decided to have a bit of fun, and learn a lot along the way as well. How did we do it? Well, ladies and gentlemen, follow me!
We decided to put up a short dance/musical skit (Bollywood style), and 3-4 cultural performances. We expected to have a few people volunteer to participate. The response we got, quite simply overwhelmed us! Before we knew it, we had at least 30 amazing people, from all over the world (and I really mean it, all over the world!!) were dancing to Bollywood and Bhangra dance numbe
rs. The end result? By popular consensus, one of the best consumption functions that Haas has seen (and btw, by Haas standards, thats saying quite a lot!
There are things that all of us learnt from this experience. For those amazing people who had the courage to go beyond themselves and learn something new, kudos! For me, an amazingly humbling experience to see everyone in the community egging them on, cheering them on, as if we're all family. But then again, maybe we are. I wish I could shout out to each one of you. But i'll keep it for some other time. For now, go ahead and watch this video of us B school students balancing work with fun!
I guess I'll stop this post right here.. more from me later! Cheers! and have a great Thanksgiving!


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