Going Green: Getting a well rounded education


The first year at any school is a blur. Balancing a wide load of courses, meeting new friends, exploring the city, and making connections for my job switch was more than I could've imagined. In my second year, I've decided to go deep on things that mattered most to me:

  1. Embrace my love for digital media and technology (looking forward to >play this weekend)
  2. Take classes in my weak spots (financial modelling, and financial information analysis)
  3. Learn how to play golf
With camera present, Mike forgets to keep his eye on the ball.
For me, the second year has been about going deep in what I enjoy most and spending time learning things that I've always wanted to do. While it didn't make it into my application essay, golf has been one of those skills that I've always wanted to get at B-school.
Lucky for Haasies, we're right next to Tilden, a par-70 18-hole golf course right in our backyard. Utilizing my new negotiation skills, a bunch of my classmates and I were able to get reduced pricing for lessons. That's experiential learning.
It's been great over the past couple weeks to work on our farmers tan while learning to hit the ball in a quasi-straight line.
Samir poses with Chris our instructor while Vincent works on his farmer tan. GO GIANTS!


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