Let's hear it for the girls!


One of the second years told me that we have more than 50 student-run organizations at Haas. I can't say that I've counted, but I can tell you that getting involved in them is well worth it. In addition to the career opportunities, spending time with fellow club members is fun! Case-in-point: the annual Women in Leadership trip to Napa that just happened on Saturday.

After a quick breakfast at Haas, 90 WIL members filled two chartered buses and headed north to some breathtaking - and delicious - wineries. First stop, Clos Pegase. After touring the grounds, we wandered into a "cave," where we attempted to master the art of food/wine pairing. Key learnings: lemon and sauvignon blanc should, under no circumstances, be served together; and, bleu cheese goes with everything. The second-years then shared a thoughtful surprise, which I'd tell you more about, but I don't want to give anything away for next year's trip... After lunch in the sunshine, we got back on the bus and landed at Rutherford Hill.
In case you've never been to Napa (I hadn't before yesterday), it's gorgeous! And Rutherford Hill where this picture was taken is a prime example. It was 90-odd degrees out, but we still managed to enjoy the company, the wine, and the view. Well, to be perfectly honest, some of us found our way to the air conditioned tasting room, which was heaven. (I love the late summers in the Bay Area, but air conditioning is a pretty rare luxury.) Last up, we visited Rubicon, where we munched on passed hors d'oeuvres and, of course, had a little more wine.
The trip was such a great way to hang out with my classmates, get to know some second years, and even meet the partners of some other classmates, since they were invited as well. Plus, it's always fun to hang out with the girls!

—Eve A.

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