Work Hard, Play Hard


If there is one motto I would use to describe the Haas MBA, it would be "work hard, play hard." My days are full of academic and club events, and more often than not, my nights are full of the things I enjoy doing, shared with my wonderful classmates. I've found myself at events I wouldn't have imagined a year ago, like the Digital Media and Entertainment Club's Game Night, which was all about retro video games, Guitar Hero, pizza, and some nice refreshments. Last night, I attended the Haas Technology Club's Semi-Annual Wine Party, which was a great wine tasting event. Here at Haas, we really enjoy being in close proximity to Napa and Sonoma. There aren't many things better than good wine, great company, and cheese plates. By the way, I'm convinced that cheese plates make everything better.

What might be surprising is that industry-oriented clubs are throwing these events. This might not be consistent with what you would expect from a business school, but it all comes back to working hard and playing hard. My classmates and I came to Haas to discover new new things and forge relationships. While class may be one way to do this, what really brings people together is good old-fashioned fun. That is why these clubs are throwing these great events and also why I'm going to go to as many as possible.

Since I'm a devoted fan of the Haas Technology Club, I encourage you to check out the club website if you are interested in a career in technology.

(A picture of me and some of the other members of the Haas Technology Club sharing a toast)


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