Learning Outside the Classroom


Like most of you looking to come to Berkeley, I am sure that the location of the school is very attractive. Being close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Haas benefits from having alumni, industry experts and thought leaders so close to campus. As a result, the students are able to learn and engage with some of these dynamic individuals frequently throughout the semester.

In the weeks since school has started, I personally have had a chance to listen to the following business professionals:

(1) Tom Kelley, General Manager of product design firm IDEO
(2) Biz Stone, Co-founder and Creative Director of Twitter
(3) Micheal Lewis, influential non-fiction author of best sellers like The Big Short and Moneyball
(4) Anand Iyer, Senior Product Manager on the Windows Phone 7 Team at Microsoft
(5) John Fougner, Manager in Performance Product Marketing for Facebook

Additionally, there are some great opportunities later in the semester as well. I am already planning to see John Chambers (Chairman & CEO of Cisco), Micheal Arrington (Founder of Techcrunch) and Donald Knauss (Chairman & CEO of Clorox) over the next few weeks. I can't wait to see who else will show up over the next two years!

(Anand Iyer, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, presenting at the Haas Technology Club Speaker Series)


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