On the Road... Forte


Hello everyone. I’m Cindy Jennings Millette, Associate Director of Admissions, and I thought I’d chime in about my experiences on the road talking to prospective students interested in the Berkeley MBA Program. I just returned to Berkeley from the Los Angeles Forte fair. I spoke to many remarkable women about their experiences, and learned more about what some of our amazing alumnae have been up to. Our upcoming Women’s Workshop is coming up on October 2. It’s a great chance to see what a class is like (through a mock case study conducted by a professor) and connect with current students and alumni; as well as learn more about admissions and career services. We also have other upcoming Diversity Workshops on 10/16 and 11/6. Next week, I’m off to Seattle for the Information Session. Hope to see you on the road!

—Cindy Jennings

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