Cheers to the end of Fall A midterms


There were a lot of happy first years raising a pint at the Bear's Lair on Friday, celebrating the end of our first set of midterms! Hard to believe that after only three weeks in school, we're already taking tests, but when our terms are only seven weeks long, the exams come early.

Speaking of seven week-long terms, I had lunch with a few prospective students last week (an informal way to get to know a few students and visit Haas) and we were talking about the length of our core courses. On the one hand, I think the major benefit of this set-up is that they prepare us for job recruitment, which is just around the corner. Thanks to having micro-econ under my belt, for example, I'll be able speak intelligently with companies about how'd I'd think about pricing one of their products, should that come up in a marketing interview.
On the other hand, with only seven weeks to learn the material, the pace of our classes is as fast as the pace of iPhone 4's flying off the shelves at an Apple store. It's been challenging to keep up with the material, and at the same time, try to take advantage of all the clubs, speakers, and events that are happening. I've definitely had to say no to things I would have liked to do. But on the plus side, as one of my classmates pointed out, it forces us to focus on the things that are the most important to us. For me, that's been learning our course material, getting involved in DMEC's >play conference, going to the Careers in Marketing Speaker Series, taking some time to swim at Hearst pool, and (hopefully) becoming a board fellow.
By the way, if you want to see what courses we're taking right now, you can check out the list here. We're also taking a brand new one called "Problem Finding, Problem Solving." I'll try to write about in the near future, if someone doesn't beat me to it.
Anyway, a big congratulations to my fellow first-years on making it through our first midterms!

—Eve A.

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