Haas Job Seekers Kick Off with Firm Night!


School has just barely started and the quest for the perfect job has already begun! For Haas students looking to make a career transition, or those working to reach the next step along their career trajectory, there are a tremendous amount of resources at Haas. In addition to our wonderful Career Services Office staff who know us by name, face, professional background, and career goals, we also have a fantastic Vice President of Careers to help us! Our VP Careers sits on the MBA Student Government body and is there to provide job-related resources.

On Monday night, we had a Firm Night, where 2nd year students represented different industries and played the role of professionals, while 1st year students had the opportunity to pose questions and network with these "professionals" to get some practice in before the networking events happen in real life! My classmate interned at a pharmaceutical company this summer and represented the health care industry. She is so passionate about this area that she is also a Career Coach, there to help students to be successful in securing jobs/internships in this area. My other classmate, who just got married this past weekend on the East Coast, made it back not only for Firm Night, but also didn't miss any classes! A former investment banker, he worked for a large consulting firm this summer, and was there to be the Consulting Professional for the evening. Firm Night is a great idea, as it's a practice run for the real thing - you get to practice how to ask good questions that leave a positive impression on recruiters in your chosen field. If you mess up, it's okay, that's what practice is for. One of the aspects that I love about Haas is that students are supportive of each other in their pursuits, so supportive that 2nd year students would come back to school at night dressed up in suits to play these roles, just so you can test your preparation, and get those bad jokes and other networking faux pasout of the way in time to make a stellar impression with recruiters!

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