the aftermath.. and now, it does, truly begin!


Time travel is a wonderful thing. No jokes. It is. Except for the fact that, we really can't travel in time, can we? Anyway, the second best option, in my mind, is an amazing costume party. And after the breakneck O-week schedule, which in my mind, was as amazing as it gets, this was going to be interesting! Oh and did I mention that I have never, ever been to a costume party in my life!

20th August - 10 AM - Meet at Downtown berkeley
Objective: Costume shopping!
... after a couple of hours of walking up and down telegraph (which, in my opinion is the most lively part of town ;) ) i think we finally have our costumes. And a crazy idea, to take it over the top.
Fast forward to 5 PM, and anderson auditorium is a blast from the past. Quite literally. 240 haaskies dressed up as hair band artists, biker chicks, miami vice, rock and rollas, and the grand daddy of bling!... needless to say, we all had a tonne of fun that evening. All said, an amazing end to an amazing week!
.. Monday morning. My first case study session in a strategy workshop - did pretty okay, considering i have never done case studies before. Fall 2010 is getting more and more hectic by the minute. But God! I'm loving it!!!
Oh by the way, I should introduce myself. Aditya Ramachandran (known as 'addy' to the class of 2012), Engineer, worked in manufacturing ops for 5 years in India, before coming to Haas.
Cheers, and more for later!!!


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