Just another O-Week speaker...


Just a quick post because I have to share the thrill our class got today after we returned from our O-Week lunch. The one and only Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, TWITTER!!, was our speaker. Don't get me wrong, I knew Haas was well-connected, but to have a heavyweight like Biz presenting during our first week is pretty amazing. This is a guy who has revolutionized the way people interact with each other the world over...not to mention the way organizations conduct their marketing and build relationships with their consumers (which happens to be my area of interest).

He spoke to us about what he's learned over the years. Some of the points that resonated with me were:
  • Opportunity can be manufactured (so go out and make something happen for yourself)
  • Creativity is a renewable resource (that is, there are infinite solutions to one problem)
  • Mistakes add value
  • To succeed spectacularly, be ready to fail spectacularly
  • There's a compound interest to altruism (therefore, start helping others early on, so they are able to go onto help others too)
I'd go on, but O-Week continues tomorrow, and even though I get to sleep in, I've got to rest up for 80's night tomorrow in the City.

—Eve A.

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