Fall 2011 Application


The fall 2011 application for the Full-time MBA Program will go live on September 1st. In the meantime, those of you planning to apply in Round 1 (Deadline October 13, 2010) may want to begin crafting your essays now. All of the application questions are posted on our website.

A few tips:

  • Answer the questions honestly; don't try to write what you believe the Admissions Committee wants to read—more than likely, you'll be wrong. Provide answers that reflect who you are, and what you are interested in, personally and professionally. For your first draft, try to address each question as though you were talking with a friend, and edit those responses to refine them.
  • Remember to answer the questions! A mistake many applicants make is to focus on particular themes about their experience that they want to get across to the Admissions Committee, and in the end, they don't actually answer the questions that have been posed.
  • Request letters of recommendation early. Although recommenders will also be able to submit online, it's helpful to share the recommendation questions with them as soon as possible.

Leaving yourself enough time to complete the application and accompanying essays carefully will definitely help you to present the strongest application and will greatly improve your chances of gaining admission.

Best wishes for successful applications!

—Peter Johnson

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