What a week!!!!!

After a while I am back!
This week was one of those in which you feel really proud and happy to be at Haas.
So let's start!!!!
One month from now I will be departing to Zambia to work on my IBD project. In fact, it is OUR project! I have been working with a great team, all the members are good people as well as outstanding professionals. I not only have a nice time working with them, but I am learning a lot from them. The project is well underway since everyone is engaged to do their best.
Two months from now I will start my internship at Amgen. Thanks to the support of the career services I was able to overcome the challenges of the recruiting process and find myself an exciting job at a great company.
Well, so what about this week?!!?!
I responded to the Dean´s survey about my first year at Haas, which I was really happy to do. This is another demonstration that the school administration is really connected to the students and is making its best to provide us with the best experience.
There was the Day at Haas 1! The admissions staff with the intense support of our class have organized a great event, that represents our community. I am sure all the prospective students feel that they are welcome here. It was really nice to meet knew people and share some of my experiences here.
In Strategy class, we spent the week discussing cases about innovation that were based on my future employer. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the company that I will work for and about the management of innovation and new businesses.
Woke up at 6:00 am on thursday to have a conference call with my IBD client. It feels so good to have my hands at work again. It was a very productive meeting a will certainly help us to deliver strong results for the company.
And then, there was the BOW, the Mojito Party, etc....

—Ricardo de Paula

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