Days at Haas 1 – T minus 6 days!


From fellow HSA, Chuck Doppelt '11:

Probably the biggest (and most rewarding) event that the HSA team pulls of each year is Days at Haas. Days at Haas is a weekend (Thursday through Saturday) for admitted students to get a feel for what life is like on campus and a chance to meet their future classmates. It was far and away the biggest reason I chose to come to Haas when I participated in it last year. The first session starts April 8th (Days at Haas 2 is on April 29th) which is just next week! All of the HSAs have been putting in long hours to make sure that this event is special for the MBA class of 2012 and it’s bound to be a good time! We’ve already broke the records for the number of people registered – so we’re working really hard not to disappoint.

I’m spending most of my waking hours planning the Thursday Night Diversity Pre-Reception, the Student Dinners, the Alumni Panel, and gathering all the logistics around agendas, folders, and handouts. We have a great group of current students representing all the different cultural affinity groups for the pre-reception: the Black Business Student Association, South Asian Business Club, Pacific Rim Club, European Business Club, Latin American Business Association, Jewish Business Club, and our MBA Association VP of International. It should be a good time for those who can come a little early to get a sense for the diversity that we pride ourselves on. It’s been really easy getting these groups to volunteer their time for this event – the clubs are eager to meet with next year’s 1st year class and discuss their experiences at Haas. This event will lead directly to the Welcome Reception where admits will get a chance to hear from 2009 Nobel Laureate and Haas Professor, Oliver Williamson and meet their future classmates.

After the Welcome Reception, we’ll move on to my favorite event – the student dinners. This was the singular event that really made me feel the personality of Haas when I was a participant last year and something that I didn’t see from any other Admitted Students Weekend. We have 13 current students who are opening up their homes for admits, partners, and current student for dinner. I’ve been arranging the food, drinks, transportation, and getting flyers for each house. This event really sheds some light on what makes Haas different – friendly students who embrace a sense of community within our school. I know that all the houses will be as welcoming as the one I went to last year and that the admits and partners will have a great time and get to know each other and current students in a more intimate setting. I also know that some houses are going above and beyond (in true Haas style)…get ready for some surprises!

On top of these two events, I’m also organizing our Alumni Panel (with our fabulous Alumni Relations Director, Meg Roundy) to show the longer-term impact of Haas. We have some great panelist ranging from Consulting to CSR to CEOs of start-ups to Real Estate to Tech to Finance. Although we can’t possibly cover every industry or functional area of interest for admits, we’re trying to cover as many bases as we can. We’ve moved this to Friday (previously it was on Saturday) because we felt that if fit in better with the atmosphere of each day and I initially thought that it would be hard getting Alums to come to campus on a workday. No problem at all – it’s really a tribute to how much our Alums care about Haas and want to share their experiences. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised – these are the people who are continually coming back here to recruit, mentor, and speak. We truly have a connected and passionate Alumni Network. I hope this comes through at the panel.

Beyond these responsibilities, I’m also keeping the agenda and all the handouts. I know this seems like a thankless and boring duty, its given me the chance to peer into a lot of the other events that my colleagues are planning. The Amazing Race is going to be a really good time. I know that the Partner’s Program on Friday will be a great chance for them to get a good sense of the neighborhoods around Haas and be able to network with other partners. The Case and Faculty Panel will really give students a good sense of how friendly and approachable our Professors are. The Career Fair will let our superstar Career Services Office (CSO) shine and introduce all the admits to the people who are here to help you get that dream job! Then there is the fun stuff…We have Bar of the Week, a Consumption Function, and the Saturday Hangin’ with Haas events. Plus, our Latin American Club is putting on their famous annual Mojito Party on Friday after the Consumption Function. They have graciously given free admission to all the admits and partners who want to go – so if your body can handle another party, it’ll be waiting for you.

Days at Haas will definitely be a great time – I really hope that all those admitted choose to attend (and if not this one, please come on the 29th).

Thanks – and back to work,

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