Day in the Life of Another Current Student


7:00 Wake up - hit the snooze button

8:00 Wake up for real this time. Remember to wear business casual today, as I have an Admissions info session this afternoon and have to look presentable (haha - presentable is my middle name! :) )

9:30 Grab coffee on the way to Real Estate Finance class. This is one of the electives I'm taking this semester, taught by Nancy Wallace. Nancy is a rock star in the real estate economics field and is associated with the Fischer Center for Real Estate. Nancy uses her extensive network to bring in leaders in the real estate field to speak to our class. Today is the 2nd class being guest taught by Robert Helsley, whose speciality is urban economics. We've been looking at how economists explain concentrations of people and jobs in cities. Did you know that 75% of the US population lives on 2% of the land?

11:00 Meet with my Real Estate Finance group to divvy up the work for our case analysis due next week. In my group, I have a 2nd year MBA student, two other 1st year MBA students, and a 2nd year law student. We also discuss our final class project, which is an investment analysis and market analysis of a real estate project, either existing or in development. This project involves speaking with real estate professionals to get the numbers behind the deal, and do an analysis to support our go or no go recommendation. I can't believe we only have 6 weeks left to finish!

12:30 Meet up with a international new admit who is visiting Haas and a couple of other schools while he and his wife are in the US. He is interested in sustainability, and we talk about the courses that students can take, and experiential learning and job opportunities available to students interested in sustainability. I also connect him to one of our 2nd year career coaches, who is extremely knowledgeable in the sustainability field, so she can tell him more about it from a 2nd year student's perspective.

1:00 Admissions Info Session! Today we had 12 visitors, which is a larger number than we've seen in the past few weeks. We like visitors at Haas, so the more the better!

2:00 Talk to a visitor who, like me, is from New York. I go on and on about the great access to outdoor activities in the Bay Area, and how Haas students love to take advantage of this! I think she got my point. :)

2:30 Lunch at Cafe FIFO and catch up on my reading for Ethics class.

3:45 Still at Cafe FIFO - it's amazing how if you stay still for one hour, all the people who you've been wondering about but haven't seen in a while pass by! I get to catch up with two classmates.

4:00 Ethics Class. I'm really enjoying this course so far. The readings are really interesting - today we had to read Kant, John Stuart Mills, Ursela LeGuin, and a case describing a difficult situation where a single mother was fired because she chose to care for her child over putting in long hours at her office. Our professor, Ernesto Dal Bo, does a great job of facilitating discussion about hard topics and forces us to tackle internal conflicts. You might have walked into the classroom thinking you were clear on where you stood on ethical issues, but you walk out with thinking of new perspectives provided by your classmates.

6:00 Catch up on emails. We are in full Days at Haas planning mode!

6:45 Women in Leadership event. As VP Professional Development for Women in Leadership at Haas, I come and support my leadership team, who has arranged to bring a professional wardrobe consultant to Haas. As a student, I don't shop anymore, but with interviews, internships and jobs, it's important to have a professional, polished look. Business casual is something I've never been comfortable with, so I come to this workshop, ready to take notes. I learned a lot about how clothes should fit and what types of clothes I should invest in to achieve that professional, polished look.

8:15 Home. My fiance picked me up from school and is making dinner. I just took him to our Partner Club Appreciation Dinner to show our partners how much we appreciate their support, so maybe I can get away with him doing the dishes tonight! Or maybe not...

9:30 More Days at Haas planning while sitting on the couch. It's been a long week, and I treat myself to some hard earned TV shows.

11:30 Bed time. What's on tap for the next day? Lots of Days at Haas planning...

For the new admits out there - I hope you're coming to Days at Haas! We can't wait to meet you all!

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