Being a VC for a day


This is a guest post penned by Siddhi Saraiya (FTMBA 2011), a VCIC participant. As part of a two part post, around the Venture Capital Investment Competition, Siddhi shares on her team's experience being a VC of the day. To read about what it was like to plan the contest, click through to Robbie's post here.

On the morning of February 5th, I walked into the conference room with my team mates Scott, Buzz, Gabor, and Ian. We were focused and excited for the Venture Capital Investment Competition; we had spent about 10 hours over the two previous nights in the library preparing for the day.

By the afternoon, it had become clear that our investment choice was not the favorite amongst the teams, and our investment strategy was quirky. During the Q&A, we were hit hard with questions about our choices, but every time one person was unsure, another would step forward and answer. I really enjoyed seeing my teammates perform, and I was impressed by each of them.

Before the winners were announced, the judges spoke for a minute, saying that they valued the rapport with the entrepreneurs and the teamwork of the winning team. When they announced our team’s name, I felt honored that the impressive panel of VCs had chosen us to represent our school, and in true Berkeley style, they had rewarded us for our unique approach.

Although we didn’t win the next round at USC, this was a special memory for each of us from our first year, a chance for us to become better friends, and an excellent learning experience about venture capital.


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