Day In the Life of A Current Student - Salazar Edition #1

This is the first of my post about a Day in the Life. As many will tell you at Haas, there is no typical day. The day below happened to be one of my particularly busy days. As the semester progress, I'll try to switch it up to paint a fuller picture. Without further ado...
Day in the Life a Current Student - Salazar Edition #1
6:15 AM - Alarm sounds. Hit the snooze button.
6:30 AM - After snoozing 3x, its time to get up. Get ready for a very busy day.
6:50 AM - Leave my apartment to walk to campus. I live on the southside of campus (my favorite) so its a 10 mintue walk. Do a quick scan of my inbox on my iPhone to make sure I didn't miss any urgent e-mails. I see that Lauren is bringing bagels to this morning's HSA meeting. I walk a little faster.
6:58 AM - Today is our weekly HSA meeting. Our main topic of discussion today is the Days@Haas events in April. We continue to iterate on our ideas and discussion from prior meetings. We also discuss some special projects that aim to provide another avenue for all of you to see what it's really like to be at Haas. Exciting stuff ahead so stay tuned.
9 AM - Holding my HSA office hours talking to prospective students and responding to e-mails (we really do read everything that comes through and try to get back back to you promptly). I also take this time to coordinate smaller meetings with HSA sub-teams for particular sections of Days@Haas.
11 AM - Having attended to my HSA duties, I head down to the Computing Center to meet up with my Independent Study Project Team.
A little more details about my Independent Study Project. As part of my electives for this semester, I chose to setup a research project within the digital entertainment space. Through the Play Conference ( I met various executives from the industry. I had a great conversation with one executive in particular, on where we thought the industry was heading. As this semester came around I pitched to him a collaboration between Haas and his company on market research project and he immediately came on board.
Today's meeting centered on narrowing our project scope and focused on how we would approach the next meeting with our company contact. As a former consultant, it's nice to see some of the skills continue to be relevant.
12:30 PM - My first break of the day. I head to the MBA lounge to check e-mail and relax for a bit. End up catching up with a few people I haven't seen all week. It's good to hear people have been busy with recruiting. We all agree that there's been a sizable improvement over last year.
1 PM - Grab some lunch to take with me to my next meeting with my group from my entrepreneurship class. Really loving the process of putting together a business plan. What's great is that we have a direct line to a VC mentor so we can get very timely feedback.
2 PM - Operations class. This class is turning into one of my favorite classes at Haas. Hearing 2nd year's rave about Professor Taylor, I had some high expectations and I'm happy to say they've all been met. Today's class is a debrief of the "Beer Game" simulation we ran in our prior class. The simulation centered around production and supply chain management in uncertain demand. The simulation helped reinforce concepts from lecture as well as prior cases.
4:00 PM - Media and Entertainment class. I'm really happy that I was able to take this elective this semester. The class is taught by two professors, Professor Spiller who has done academic research within the area, and Professor Ulin who has a wealth of industry experience, most notably at LucasArts. It's a great blend of theory and real-world application.
6PM - Hang around after class catching up with friends, notably congratulating my friend who got engaged over the weekend.
6:30 PM - Grab some dinner from Thai Basil, one of my favorite Thai places in Berkeley.
7 PM - Make it home, have dinner, watch a little TV.
8 PM - Break open the laptop and start catching up on e-mail from today. Do some reading to prep for my Thursday classes. I finish my portion of the Macroeconomics case on Argentina for my study group.
11:30 PM - Switch back into relax mode. Watch a little late night TV and then off to bed after a very long but productive day.

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