Asia Business Conference - 2010


Next month, the Haas School of Business will host the Asia Business Conference (ABC). This is the largest Asia focused student-run conference on the West Coast. Founded by Dr. Laura Tyson, economic advisor to President Obama and former Dean of the Haas School of Business, this conference intends to increase awareness and insights about businesses in Asia. 2010 marks the conferences’ 10th anniversary, and is expected to draw over 500 attendees. Audiences include various professionals and MBA students from the Bay Area who are interested in entrepreneurship and businesses in Asia.

The theme of the 2010 conference, “Asia: Shifting the Global Center of Gravity,” seeks to provocatively discuss whether major business and commercial activities are increasingly centered on the Asian region.

The conference seeks to address these issues from 4 perspectives:

  • Macroeconomic trends occurring in Asia’s ascent and its broader implications on capital flows and labor
  • Rise of Asia as a region of business and technology innovation as well as entrepreneurship
  • Challenges of leadership, organizational alignment and people management amidst relentless growth in Asia
  • Implications for personal development and career growth to take advantage of Asia's rapid growth

I'm pretty excited about the list of incredible keynote speakers that we have lined up for the event. The list includes Scott Matlock, Chairman M&A, Morgan Stanley Asia, Joi Ito, CEO of Creative Commons and General Partner of Neoteny Labs, Lim Siong Guan, Group President, Government of Singapore Investment Corporation and Arun Sarin, Senior Advisor, KKR and former CEO of Vodafone. (WOW!). Further, in the spirit of innovation, this years organizers have included a VC networking event over lunch. This exclusive lunch will allow entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunity to exchange ideas with , lawyers and experienced entrepreneurs. The conference also includes panels ranging from clean tech, India, tech, consumer, finance and global operations with eminent thought leaders as panelists

Organizers have been working hard to make this conference a huge success. I'm sure it will be one - and I hope this blog has sparked some of your interest as well. To learn more about ABC, check out the conference website.

To attend or learn more about the conference, you can check the following resources as well.

Hope to see all of you on Feb 20th at Berkeley!


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