Starting Up


One of the great things about an MBA in general, and at Haas specifically, is that it is one of the most supportive environments for starting new initiatives or exploring new business ideas. This is how, a few months ago, we started Puzux.

An Idea

When I was traveling to Finland for my IBD project, I naturally took my Kindle with me. One day I felt like solving a crossword, which I quite enjoy doing, and was surprised to find out that the Kindle doesn’t offer such interactive games (or interactive content in general for that matter). I started contemplating doing something about it.

The team

First thing you realize when at Haas, is that you have access to top-notch talent – not only within your class but also in the greater Haas community. I shared my idea with a classmate with vast experience in sales and Business Development in tech, a classmate’s spouse who is a brilliant developer and another classmate’s spouse who is an IT wizard. Together, we started turning this idea into a reality.


CET In addition to talent, Haas (and Berkeley in general) provides numerous tools to support entrepreneurs. It stars with the Lester center, which hosts the Berkeley Business Plan competition, and there are many other, smaller, startup competitions where you get a chance to present your idea and get feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. There is also the Life as an Entrepreneur Speaker Series in which every week successful innovators come and share their experience from starting their business. Naturally, there is also support for such activities in the curriculum, such as the Entrepreneurship Workshop which I’m taking next semester, and is providing students with ongoing guidance, support and access to resources during their company’s first stages.


AssortedSudokuCover After several months of hard work and constant technological improvements, and forming partnerships with content providers, we launched with a set of three crossword books and four Sudoku books for the Amazon Kindle. We are the first to offer interactive crosswords for the Kindle, and the first to offer advanced Sudoku capabilities (such as note-taking) for the device. Ultimately we aim to become leaders in providing quality interactive content to eReaders, as well as to establish a vivid community of people who enjoy mind puzzles and want to share this passion with others. So far, our books are selling extremely well on the Kindle store, and while the hard work is far from ending (and will hopefully never end), it is an absolutely fantastic (and highly recommended) experience.

—Elad Ganot

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