A Socially Responsible Haas


The following email was sent to entire student body by VP social. A quintessential example of how social responsibility and fun intersects at every major occasion at Haas.

Haas Community,

We are pleased to introduce a fantastic opportunity to benefit disadvantaged children in the Bay Area that Gwyn has been leading.


In the Bank of America Forum stands The Haas Giving Tree and on it are very special wishes from disadvantaged children. This is an effort done in collaboration with a local charity, the Family Giving Tree project, that was started by MBAs at San Jose State University. More information can be found at www.familygivingtree.org.


The children that this project benefits are from our community, the Bay Area, including Oakland and Berkeley. They come from backgrounds that are not as fortunate as many of ours and through the belief in the power of simply giving and caring we can help them have a happy and festive holiday. Over the next four weeks, up until December 10th, we as a Haas community have a phenomenal opportunity to help these underprivileged families and children.


Each of us can help by simply taking a wish card from the giving tree and purchasing a gift. Once purchased, simply place the gift with the wish card attached under the Giving Tree and at the end of the season these gifts will be distributed to these children.


Our school is a great place full of innovation and community spirit, and if you can, please help please support this in any way possible. Others are welcome to place Holiday and giving oriented representations that are meaningful to them around the tree.


By adopting The Haas Giving Tree project we can secure this charitable effort within the Haas community for many years to come.


Thank you!

Jason, Gwyn, Ciera Ashley, Jan Veira, Kandra Chan, Ceinwyn Karne, Fernanda Fenton, Li Chien Chen.




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