Star Wars in Concert


While all the 1st year students are busy with their first finals of their MBA career, I thought I would post something to fill the "void". :P

Last Sunday I was fortunate to attend an event called "Star Wars in Concert".

It was a live orchestra, pyrotechnics, a big screen, and Anthony Daniels (the voice and movement behind C-3PO) narrating the main theme and story arcs of the 6 movies. Many of you know that over the summer I worked at LucasArts/Lucasfilm, the home of Star Wars, and we were offered a chance to buy tickets before the general public could buy them. With my roommate being one of the biggest fans George Lucas can ever hope for, I bought tickets for him and a couple other friends to check it out.

The concert did not disappoint! Even though half the audience were 8 year old boys and girls dressed up as Darth Vader and Princess Leia and there were light sabers flying around everywhere, the music was spectacular (I love John Williams) and the story narration reminded me why George Lucas is such a genius at creating great stories. The downfall of the prequels is the actual execution and the horrible dialogue, but in this high level narration method with clips of the movie supported by a live orchestra, I re-fell in love with Star Wars again.

All in all, a great experience that I would definitely do again. Till the next time, farewell from a galaxy far far away...


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