A Day in the Life #2: A Mostly Typical Tuesday


The alarm goes off at 7:30…way too early for the Tuesday after Labor Day! I just came back from Minneapolis late last night – was at a friend’s wedding. I feel a little bit behind schedule, so I hop out of bed right away and go over to the computer to check email. A couple dozen emails and one green smoothie later, I’m on my bike to Haas. It’s a particularly hot day, so I try to balance my inevitable lateness with not getting too sweaty on the uphill climb.

First meeting of the day – HSA weekly check-in. It won’t always be at 8:30 am, but with it only being the second week of school, this was the only time we could find when everyone was still shopping classes. We talk about the visitation programs for prospective students, our travel plans to various info sessions across the US, and upcoming plans for new HSA recruitment. I reflect back to when I was applying to be an HSA and how the time has flown by so quickly.

9:30 am, off to Financial Information Analysis class. As a music and engineering major in undergrad and coming from the nonprofit world, this class will probably be one of the most challenging in my time at Haas. But I specifically chose it to build knowledge in an area I know I need more work on. Today we talk about Overstock.com and how analysts determine the valuation of the company. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned in just a year and a half at Haas. Although this class is challenging for me, I’m able to follow along with the financial speak and really get a lot out of the material.

I have a little break at 11 am, so I catch up with a friend I haven’t seen yet this school year. We talk about our summer internships and what the various clubs we lead have planned for the year. I walk over to Yali’s Café for an early lunch date with my husband, who is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Berkeley. When I started at Haas, we had hoped for weekly lunch dates, but soon found that 1st-year lunchtime was packed full of activities. So, in the first year, we probably only met twice for lunch. But this year, I am re-invigorated to make the weekly lunch dates happen.

12:30 pm and I’m back at Haas. I’m sitting on a panel about the Berkeley Board Fellows program, sharing my experience with the board of the Marin Theatre Company. This is a wonderful program at Haas, and the popularity is evident, as there aren’t even enough seats for all the interested students. After the session, I duck into the library for a few hours to finish up some reading and emails and also to escape the heat.

My second and last class of the day is “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Wireless Services.” The professor, Reza Moazzami, is fantastic – I can’t imagine anyone with more knowledge about the industry. The class is set up as a real “deep dive” into the wireless industry, in which we synthesize readings from lots of different sources and have lively class discussion and debates.

At 6, I head over to Stanley Hall for a program the Global Initatives @ Haas Club is putting on – a conversation between the CEO of IDEO, Tim Brown and the CEO of Acumen Fund, Jacqueline Novogratz. The room is completely packed – not just with Haas students, but students, faculty and community members from all around Berkeley. It’s a fascinating discussion, and I’m inspired.

Around 8 pm, I head out with my hubby for some sushi dinner and call it a night. Time to walk the dog, write a paper, and hopefully indulge in the new episode of Mad Men.

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