Fall A midterms done!!!


Yes, it's still September. And yes, we've already completed midterms for our Fall A core classes. It has surprised a lot of my friends & family that I've already passed that first milestone. And I'll confess that the timing kind of surprised me as well.

It's all sneaky-like, see? It goes a little something like this:

Week 1 - 3-day week that starts on Wednesday, 8/26. That's not a *real* week! You're still feeling the glow from O-week festivities. In fact, you're probably still partying like O-week, though you attend a few classes.

Week 2 - normal 4-day week - what will be your regular class schedule. Decent amount of readings, but no real deliverables. "Self," you think to yourself, "this is pretty gosh-darn manageable. Everyone talks about how grueling the first year of business school is. I must just be way smarter/better organized/speedier than everyone who has come before me!"

Week 3 - 3-day week after Labor Day. It's a holiday! You're celebrating all those laborers. Then the week starts full-tilt on Tuesday. Student club info sessions have packed your calendar. Oh - and now there some homework assignments. And group projects. And career services workshops. Good luck finding study team meeting times around all the extracurricular activities you & your teammates have signed up for!

Week 4 - Fall A midterms. Wait - WhhhaaaaAAAAAAA?!?!? Midterms? But I only just got here! Holy cow - lots of writing, meeting & studying to do. Not so much sleep. Right. Now I get it. There's a lot to juggle in business school.

So, a few cautionary words for next year's incoming class: READ AHEAD IN YOUR SYLLABUS. No, really. It might surprise you. Just maybe not in the terrifying way that *not* reading ahead in my syllabus surprised me.

I apologize to my boyfriend for not pacing myself a little better. But hey, look at the bright side - Fall A finals will be over in just 3 short weeks! And then, in Fall B, I will certainly work ahead in all of my classes so I'm not overloaded at the end of the term. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...


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