Cool People and Cool Topics


It's been a while since I posted but I wanted to share some of the more interesting things I have done over the last few weeks.


Cal football is a good time and I recommend getting season tickets if you enjoy college sports. Haas is kind enough to organize a tailgate for the MBA's prior to the games. It is very convenient as Haas is right across from the stadium and it is easy to go over as a group and sit/stand together in the student section. I also included a picture of the real live Oski since we were sitting in the first row.





On a more academic note, Tim Brown (left), the CEO of IDEO and Jacqueline Novogratz (right), Founder and CEO of Acumen Fund, came to Berkeley last week to talk about innovative approaches to global development where the people are at the heart of the solution. It was an incredible event that packed a 300+ person auditorium. They spoke about social investing and how creative firms like IDEO have partnered with social funds in order to find creative solutions to poverty issues. Simply amazing to have two such impressive figures on the same stage talking about a topic so relevant at Haas.


More next time...


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