Day In the Life of a Current Student Entry #1


The school year is in full-swing and we are all getting back into school-mode after our rewarding summer internship experiences! We (the Haas Student Ambassadors) have been discussing our blog and trying to determine what is the best way for us to tell you about what it is really like to be a student at Haas. The second best thing to following us around all day is to read about what a day at Haas is really like for a student. So, on a go forward basis we will be posting “A Day in the Life Of…” on our blog so that you can get a real feeling of what your day might be like at Haas. Happy reading!

Monday 9/14:
I woke up early this morning to go on a run. I am training to run the Big Sur 1/2 Marathon in November with a group of first and second year students from Haas, as well as a few of my friends from my summer internship. My legs were a bit sore this morning as I ran 6 miles yesterday, but it got my day off to a great start.

After my run, I drove to school from my apartment in San Francisco. After stopping to pick up a sandwich at Fifo Cafe, I met with the other Haas Student Ambassadors for our weekly meeting. We discussed our visitation program for prospective students and came up with some great new ideas. Right after our meeting, I led an information session for prospective students along with another Haas Student Ambassador. The session went very great and was very well-attended.

After I finish writing this Blog, I will be heading to the library to get caught up on emails from today as well as finish writing my case writeup for my Marketing Strategy course (due tomorrow morning at 9:30 am). We are currently working on a case for Sony and their car navigation systems, which is extremely interesting. I am guessing that I will spend a few hours finishing my write-up and polishing my thoughts for class discussion tomorrow.

Then, I head to my Real Estate Finance and Securitization class tonight which is held from 6:00-9:30 pm. It is a very interesting class where we are learning about mortgage backed securities and the events that led up to the financial crisis here in the United States. This is a very interesting topic and I am excited to learn more about it.

After class, I will try to make it to the grocery store before heading back to San Francisco for the night. Then, me and my roommate (another second year Haas student) have plans for brownies and Tivobefore bed.

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