MBA 2.0


It's good to be back on campus! After three months of working/traveling, I'm attending everything all over again: career coach session, club fair, club kick-off meeting, career panel, etc. The big difference this year though is that I find myself on the other side of the table answering questions and concerns from the 1st years. Fortunately for me and the 1st years, I was able to learn a lot from my internships at Clorox and Ivelich Stone this summer and share my experience with them.

Since I was in charge of formulating Ivelich Stone's social media strategy this summer, it seems fitting that I share my internship experience with everyone on this blog. Ivelich Stone is a full-service brand strategy and design firm, and their previous works include naming Peek (a cool anti-iphone device) and buildOn (an amazing nonprofit organization). During my internship, I was amazed by how an office with three full-time employees created best-in-class products for gigantic organizations such as General Electric and Charles Schwab. Since I have only worked in medium-large corporations, it was quite rewarding for me to experience a start-up environment that is full of energy, creativity, and dedication.

I'm glad that I delivered a final presentation that will help transform this boutique yet high-impact organization in the online space, and I wish that I had another summer for internship. But for now, it's back to reading cases and balancing the balance sheet!

—Eugene Lin

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