Bonjour de Paris!


Today marks the end of yet another satisfying day in Paris. A day that involved getting lost in the Marais, people watching in St. Michel and eating what might be the best falafal I have ever had. Though it sounds like an amazing vacation, I'm actually in Paris for a semester exchange program at HEC Paris. I will be joined at HEC by three of my classmates. As classes don't start until September 14th (yes, three weeks after Haas starts), I'm using the time to perfect my understanding of the French "joie de vivre" by exploring the city and eating as many different varieties of yogurt as I can. If you're a first year and reading this post, I highly recommend that you talk to some of our exchange students about their schools if you are thinking of studying abroad. Feel free to reach out to me as well!

More to come...

Lenny Kravitz agrees, that's one good falafal


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