The University Village

This week I moved to my new apartment, which is located in the University Village. Since I did not have the opportunity to visit Berkeley before the classes started, I followed the recommendations of some alumni in Brazil and signed up for an apartment in the Village. Arriving here I found that the Village is really an awesome place to live!
The Village is located in Albany very close to the Bay and the commute to the campus is really easy since there are buses running all the time. The apartments are excellent and there are several options that you can choose from. Also the Village has a very good infra structure for the students as well as for their families. Here we have a Community Center, a Family Resouces Center, a Computer Center, a Study Room, Recreation Areas and Programs, a Youth Services Programs, and many large and small events organized by the staff and the families living here.
The families in the Village form a very welcoming community. Walking around you will see the kids and families playing together, friends having a barbecue, students working on the assignments in the computer center, friends playing sports in the recreation areas, people helping each other when a family is moving in or moving out.
Many of our MBA colleagues live here in the University Village, which is a great thing. We can help each other and have some fun together. We have organized for tomorrow a barbecue of the MBA students, which is another great opportunity to get to know our classmates and their families better. I am sure that I can really call this place home and that I will have excellent 2 years living here with my wife.



—Ricardo de Paula

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