September as a 2nd year


This summer was outstanding.

I spent a ton of time with my little ones. I got back to practicing, which it turns out, I completely missed. I'll keep a half session through the rest of the year. And, I worked incredibly hard on my start-up with Brad, my co-founder.

Classes are great so far. I'm in almost everything I want, although I missed Venture Capital and Private Equity. I could have audited, but the 6-9:30pm time was so difficult. I really had to juggle the career/family question on that one. At the end of the day, my sanity and time with the babies won out. I substituted Financial Models that Work, another class that should bolster my lack of finance background and help regarding entrepreneurship aspirations. I'm thinking that if/when I get into VC, I won't be bringing financial savvy whether I take this course or not - I'll learn that at someone else's knee. Marketing Strategy is interesting, it will probably get really exciting when the mark strat game gets going. John Danner's entrepreneurship workshop will be fabulous, of course. Managerial accounting, really good so far. Leave it to Suneel to have me in stitches while actually really learning accounting. Negotiations begins fall B. Can't wait.

Oysters at Marshall's Tomales Bay this August.

Santa Barbara in July.

Santa Barbara in July.

Maya shares while Hannah protects. In the end, Sofia managed to snag most of both their ice creams!

Mini golf in fashion on the Jersey Shore in June.

On the pier in San Fran June.

Look what a year at business school has done!

Sofia was just standing when we moved here.

So the first year class has Danny Bar and family - another student with 3 children! Go Danny and Michal. We're already sharing lunch responsibilities, their Maya is in the same kindergarten as my Maya.

Since beginning last year our class now has (that I know of): 3 new ones (congrats again to Christine, Raimundo and Cory) and 3 on the way.

The first year class has at least 1 on the way that I know of.

Maya has been asking all summer when the Consumption Functions will be beginning again. This coming Friday - and we're all looking forward to it.


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