Cohorts Olympics in First Year O-Week


Today August 19th is the third day of the Orientation week for our first-year new MBA students. It turned out to be an athletic day. After a whole morning of meaningful and fun volunteering labor work in a local community for homeless people, we had an afternoon of even more fun, more laugh, and very competitive Cohorts Olympics.

As an Haas MBA tradition, we have four cohorts every year: Gold, Blue, Oski, and Axe.
Gold and Blue are named by the California Golden Bears which is the nickname used for 27 varsity athletic programs of the University of California, Berkeley, and the official campus alma mater for UC Berkeley is "All Hail Blue and Gold". Oski is the official mascot of the UC Berkeley. Axe is named from the trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Big Game, college football rivalry between the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University.

—Freeman Ding

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