Oh and.. By The Bay


One of advantages of studying at Haas is that I can live in the city during the two years of my MBA. That's quite different from the quaint little place where I went for my undergrad in India. More of that later. Now, I am absolutely in love San Francisco - The place I will call home for at least the next two years of my life.

Many writers and poets have expressed in much more profound ways about their love for "the city" (Yes - No one in Berkeley refers to it as SF or San Fran or San Francisco.. It's just "the city"). What I like most over here is the diversity. The city is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, night life, tourist spots, hills, beaches and bridges! I can't help but mention the bridges because I literally cross one every day.

If there were any concerns that I had about going back and forth between 2 places, they've evaporated pretty quickly since the 2 weeks I've been here. The City and Berkeley are very well connected - both by the BART and the AC Transit (F Line). While the AC Transit drops me off right in front of my school gate, the Downtown Berkeley BART station is on Shattuck - which is about a 20 minute walk to campus. I sometimes take the "Bear Transit" to get around in Berkeley. The Bear Transit is UC Berkeley’s shuttle system, which provides convenient transportation between campus, servicing both the campus and vicinity. Both the AC Transit and Bear Transit are free for students! It also happens that I'm not the lone soul in the city. Several MBA students stay in the city and carpooling is one of the most encouraged green initiatives. The city folk actually maintain a separate email list where we've discussed carpooling, the best options for public transit and he routes with the least traffic. Yes, you see - the collaboration never stops!

So, as I look to and bridge the gaps, and explore newer avenues with my MBA, I can't help thinking how a bridge has always been something associated with the cities I've lived in. Some coincidence!

The Howrah Bridge, Kolkata (The place I used to call home)

The Bay Bridge, San Francisco (The place I now call home)


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