It's Summertime!


All this past semester, my classmates and I have looked forward to summer. Yay, summer, that wonderful time when we can finish a day of work at our summer internships, come home, and have nothing school-related to do! Right? Uhh, only sorta.

Last Thursday I went over to case de Liz Rockett (a.k.a madame president) to meet with the ladies of the MBAA (all three of us) to plan out some workshops for O-Week this fall. Always one to make sure I keep a stash of food and drink nearby, I brought a couple bottles of wine and some chocolate as treats for our post-work work session.

Liz manages to scrounge up some cookies and pita bread, which apparently were the only things in her cupboards. Rumana and my cupboards were pretty empty at our house because we had been abroad for a month, but I'm not sure what Liz's excuse was. Not that I'm complaining- the cookies were delicious!
We spend an hour or so discussing the various topics we want to cover during O-week (club leadership, diversity, professionalism), try to think creatively about how we can smoosh them into the limited timeslots available in the already packed schedule, then wrap up with next steps and due dates. I'm pretty comfortable chilling on Liz's couch, so although there's a Haas BOW (bar of the week) in SF that night, I convince Liz and Rumana to stay in Berkeley by refilling their glasses. We spend the rest of the night catching up on the past few weeks and discussing the absurdity of our temporary return to work life. Sometime in the middle of this, our stomachs remind us that cookies don't count as a meal, so our hostess with the mostest fixes us up some chicken nuggets. Yum. Overall, a good night.


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