Summer Internship


Greetings from my new cubicle! I started my summer internship in green building three weeks ago and am absolutely loving it! Being a project manager has been really fun because it allows me to work with architects, interior designers, and subcontractors. I love that I get to work with all of these talented and diverse people and that I am gaining insight into the world of green construction. I get to go to a job site almost once a day...It is so nice to get out of the office! It's also nice to be making money - I feel a lot less guilty going to Starbucks a few days a week :)

However, there are many things I miss about school, especially getting to see my fellow classmates every day.

All in all, this is shaping up to be a fantastic summer. I leave for Los Angeles this weekend for my 5-year college reunion. It will be fun to see my long-lost undergrad buddies and I'm even excited about the fact that I'll be sleeping in a dorm room for the weekend! Later in the summer, I've got a weekend trip to Lake Berryessa and a four-day trip to Toronto for one of my Haas classmate's weddings.

Happy Summer!

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