The First Haas Talent Show


4638_103705672386_689557386_3135137_4654994_n Every semester, the Haas MBA program office approaches the students and invites ideas for new initiatives. These student proposals are then reviewed by the program office, and some of them get funded based on various criteria. Emily from our class (who is also in my awesome IBD team) proposed to hold a talent show celebrating the many talents in our school on various areas such as music, dance and comedy.

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As expected, the program office loved this idea and granted a small initial funding to get the initiative up and running. Like all great managers, Emily immediately focused on recruiting her supporting team that will turn the event into a success. I volunteered to coordinate the musical part of the evening (I figured that that’s the best way of forcing myself to start a band actually perform on the evening).

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With a great team of people involved, we started planning the event. Soon enough, we were getting more and more people on the lineup, with performances ranging between rock bands, acoustic singers (including our dean!), a variety of dancing acts (Indian, Latin, Salon), classic pieces, opera and even a comedy act. It was clear to us from the beginning that we want a professional evening, one that is taken seriously by both the participants and the audience, therefore we urged the participants to practice and nominated some talented MCs to lead the event.

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And what a night it was. The 300 people who packed the auditorium we rented were very absolutely fascinated by the amount of talent that was discovered on stage. Even those of us who were involved in organizing the event could hardly imagine how wonderful this night turned out to be. And for me personally, it was an opportunity to remember how awesome it is to play on stage with a real band.

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It is now at the hands of the incoming class of 2011 to make this a lasting Haas tradition. We count on you, guys!

(pictures taken by the talented Chris Quek)

—Elad Ganot

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