2 years on...


My then fiancee (now wife) and I headed out to DC after we both graduated in 2007. A few others from our class came out as well, and since then we've met other great Alumni and have remained an active part of the Haas community, both socially and as part of the Berkeley MBA interview/info session process.

After a very long two years, we decided to return and spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Berkeley. We caught up with old friends as well as those that we've kept in close contact with since graduating. To complement the social cycle, we hit up some of our favorite eateries and enjoyed some new ones. Most importantly (when it comes to food), we made the obligatory stop at La Burrita.

It's been two loooooong years since I've had a great burrito, and the large super carne asada burrito hit the spot.

In addition to La Burrita, here are some other great eateries that have stood the test of time for those lucky enough to be starting their Haas adventures shortly:

Ici (wonderful ice cream)
Cheeseboard Pizza
Le Cheval (French Vietnamese)
Brazil Cafe (tri-tip sandwich and mango smoothie)
La Note (awesome brunch)
Noodle Theory
Paragon (Mac & cheese at the Claremont)
Great Wall (best Peking Duck in the world, this from native Chinese who have travelled the world)
Trattoria La Siciliana

Now if we can only get back to Berkeley before another 2 years pass....

—Colin C.

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