We graduated!


Yesterday, I, along with my classmates, graduated! All of us nearly died from the heat, but it was a wonderful day filled with lots of hugging, laughing, picture-taking, and meeting each other's parents. (I noticed that many of my classmates look EXACTLY like their mother/father!)

We came together as a class less than two years ago. The first semester seemed long, with core classes and countless study group meetings. But with each subsequent semester, time seemed to fly faster and faster.

This past week was especially fun. We had daily events during "Dis-orientation Week" including an unofficial weekend in Las Vegas, clubbing, BBQ, Cohort Olympics, gala, etc.

Some classmates are staying in the Bay Area, while others are moving to various parts of the world. Thanks to Facebook, Skype/gtalk, and our respective traveling budgets, we will always be in touch and will see each other relatively often. Classes have ended, but the fun and friendships will continue...

This will probably be my last post on this blog. It's been great writing about my Haas experience here. I am always happy to share my thoughts, so feel free to look me up on Facebook and get in touch if you have any questions during your business school application process. Best wishes!

P.S. I will be moving to London later this summer. I can't wait to make another country my new home!

—Helen Ip

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