Days at Haas 2 Retrospective


I have a soft spot for Days at Haas 2. I think this has to do with my personal experience of coming to DAH2 last year and having a blast. While I enjoyed the academic, career, and alumni portions, what really got me energized was the Scavenger Hunt.

You hear a lot about authenticity once you get to business school. In b-school, leadership is about finding your authentic voice and letting it shine. When I came to Haas last year, I remember having all the usual fears that a new student might have when meeting a big new group of people – “Will they like me?” “Will I fit in?” The Scavenger Hunt completely sold me on Haas. My crazy ideas weren’t so crazy, and creativity was truly appreciated. It was nice to know that I could really be myself at Haas.

The creativity and authenticity I saw at Days at Haas 2 this past weekend blew me away. I was completely impressed by our admitted students’ ability to take risks in front of people they didn’t know all that well, and to let their creativity and spontaneity shine.

So, a word to the wise to the Class of 2011 – even though you’ll all be “learning how to be authentic” in the fall, relax. From what I’ve seen, you have it within you already.

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